The First 100 Days of Iranian Scholars for Liberty in a glimpse

And if words cannot repay the debt we owe to our brave fighters in Iran, surely with our actions we must strive to stand with them and along them in the fight against tyranny. Exactly, 100 days ago we gathered to amplify the voice of our people in their mission for truth and justice.


In the diaspora and far from home, with hearts full of passion and dedication, we found each another and are working alongside one another in the fight for justice, liberty, and life. We are now a network of students, faculty, alumni, and staff from more than 300 universities around the globe.

On November 30th, we ran the global #CampusRallyforIran. The world heard our voice through our presence in over 227 universities across 24 countries and our united statement written by @IranianScholarsforLiberty and collaborators from around the world.

We launched the #ImYourVoice campaign in response to the Islamic Regime’s sham trials to be the voice of Iran’s freedom fighters at risk of execution. We will work continuously and tirelessly for the day where all political prisoners are free.

On January 8th, we told the story of #PS752 through a personal lens , and commemorated the memory of the 176 innocent souls and unborn child whose lives were tragically taken too early, many of them students and scholars studying abroad.

Through writing a PS752 Memorial Statement and conducting a united act called "The Weeping Meadow" we amplified this message that as families and friends of the victims are mourning, we mourn with them. We will never forget, nor forgive.

The road to change is long, and we are taking strides. We are providing support and facilitative actions for fellow students applying to universities abroad with the hope of a better future.

It is our duty to call on international agencies like the United Nations Human Rights Council to bring attention to the unlawful and unjust actions of the Islamic Regime, and to express our support in bringing truth, facts, and evidence to cast light on the atrocities in Iran.

It is our honor to commemorate our growth after 100 days on this journey. We have taken important steps and will continue to do so, until the day where we celebrate “Woman Life Freedom” at home. We shall continue stronger.