For MAHSA AMINI and all the brave people fighting for their rights

We are a collective group of Iranian scholars (faculty, students, staff, and alumni) from universities across the globe. Our mission is to amplify the voice of the people of Iran through our network in the diaspora.

The Iranian Scholars for Liberty and collaborators from around the world have written a united statement, amplifying the voice of courageous Iranians fighting for their freedom. Please take a moment to read this statement and show your support by signing it.


a collective group of Iranian faculty, students, staff, and alumni from universities across the globe, committed to supporting Iranian people demanding their rights.


Supporting Iranian people by being their voice and raising awareness.


Raising awareness, joining solidarity events, supporting students, and connecting with your representatives

Here are a few of the many reasons why we should be concerned about Iran and Iranian protests:

  • ًWomen in Iran are denied fundamental rights as second-class citizens, such as the right to choose their clothing, the right to leave the country without the permission of a male guardian, custody of their children, singing in public, riding bikes on streets, getting divorced, not being able to take top priority roles in the government, and entering stadiums to watch male sports events. This list may go on forever.

  • People are under constant strain from social, economic, and environmental challenges, as well as government administrative corruption.

  • People are being killed or arrested in Iran's streets while protesting for their rights; their internet has been shut down, and people have lost contact with the rest of the world.


The first 100 days of Iranian Scholars for Liberty in a glimpse

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