Abolfazl Badieallah

Abolfazl Badieallah

Abolfazl was arrested in Isfahan and cut from any family contact until this date. There was no information regarding his status and the reason for his detention until just recently. The human rights organizations published his name together with nine other young men, who are accused of alleged murder of paramilitary forces. Abolfazl had a very short court trial, where he was charged with “spreading corruption on Earth”. This unjust trial was held in the absence of his lawyer of choice. The given charge can cost him his life and this might happen any time soon. The Islamic republic actively tries to keep the case away from public eyes to easily build up its case with false allegations and execute the defendants. Considering the unusual speed of trial sessions and inaccessibility of the very basic legal right to Abolfazl, his life is in imminent danger of execution.




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