Akbar Ghafari

Akbar Ghafari

Akbar saw a wave of protestors running for their lives. The security forces of Islamic republic had opened fire on empty handed people, directly shooting at them. Akbar could stay aside and just watch people getting shot and injured, but he decided to risk his own life and security. He opened his house door to people to save their lives. Akbar should have been acknowledged for his heroic act, but instead the masterminds of Islamic republic decided to arrest him for a murder accusation with zero evidence. Akbar was sent to solitary confinement for one full month, after which he has evidently lost weight and happy spirit. Right after this torturous month, they made him to sign a confession. They used it as their only document to charge him for “waging war against God”, punishable by death. However, the entire Iran and world are standing by his side and wanting him to be free and to tell us and our children about his heroic story.

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