Amin Mehdi Shokrollahi

Amin Mehdi Shokrollahi
17 years old

Amin Mehdi is a teenager. He was arrested on 5 Nov 2022 along 14 others who collectively are accused of taking part in a sequence of events that lead to death of an unofficial Revolutionary Guard Corps in the 40th-day memorial of Hadis Najafi, a young woman killed by Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in the protests following the death of #MahsaAmini. His family was not informed about his whereabouts or his health condition for a week after his arrest. Later he told his parents that “they beat me so much so I confessed to everything they wanted me to”. His grandfather passed away from a heart attack after he heard that he has been tortured and sentenced to 25 years in prison for waging war against God, assistance in killing a Basiji and corruption on Earth.

Gökay Akbulut, Die Linke has become the political sponsor of #AminMehdiShokrollahi



I joined the “Feel My Pain Be My Voice” campaign today to be the voice of #AminMehdiShokrollahi
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