Behrad Ali Kenari

Behrad Ali Kenari
28 years old

Talented and intelligent, 28 year old Behrad is an outspoken rapper, who talks about people’s pain in his songs. In his viral music video called “President Behrad”, he sends an important message to his fans: “live with honor”. And this is the same path Behrad has chosen in his life. How is it possible for an advocate of honor and peace to be guilty of spreading corruption on Earth? Unless, he is accused in an unfair trial; by judges who fear for losing their power and position; who hold tight on the order of executions, as their last resort for shutting down opposing opinions.

Lena Werner, SPD has become the political sponsor of #BehradAlikenari





I joined the “Feel My Pain Be My Voice” campaign today to be the voice of #BehradAlikenari
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