Dena Sheibani

Dena Sheibani

Dena is a multi-talented and well-rounded woman. She is a graphist and a professional rock climbing athlete. She ranked number one in the main college entrance exam in Iran.  Her friend, Forough Abbasi, a renowned ski medalist and a member of the Iranian National Association of Ski says that Dena is liberal, strong and bright.

She was arrested from her taxi on the way to visit her sister, in a tourist destination; Qeshm Island. Flown back to Shiraz and imprisoned. She has been mentally and physically tortured in prison according to a newly released inmate. She has been told falsely multiple times that her sick father was dead. Finally, she gave in and confessed to the dictated narration that her prisoner asked her to; that she is in contact with intelligence agencies of foreign countries, that she has received 4000 Euros for each day she has participated in the protests against the regime and was involved in the Shah Cheragh mass shooting on 26 October 2022 in which at least 13 people were killed in a Shia pilgrimage site in Shiraz in South of Iran. 

Esther Dilcher has become the political sponsor of 




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