Hamid Gharehasanlou

Hamid Gharehasanlou

Dr. Hamid GharehHasanlou is a well known physician and loving father of two. He has dedicated his entire life to serving people by giving free medical equipment to clinics and free services to people. He has such a humble character that he has never publicly talked about his kind deeds. He participated in the 40th memorial day of Hadis Najafi, a 22 year old girl killed by Islamic republic security forces. Among the crowds when he encountered injured people, he used his medical skills to help them. However, his help is now costing him his life. His act of care is misjudged by the judicial system of the Islamic republic, as they accused him of murdering a member of a paramilitary force. During the interrogation, Hamid was tortured so much that four of his ribs were broken and entered his lungs. His court trial was held in the presence of an imposed lawyer, who did not defend Hamid, instead he forced him to accept forced accusations. Hamid is accused of “spreading corruption on Earth”, for which he might get a death penalty. This is while, there is zero evidence against him, no document, image or video footage. On top of all, there is not even a single sentence of forced confession to be used against him. Hamid deserves to be acknowledged for his service to Iran rather than being executed. 

Kaweh Mansoori from Germany and Sjoerd Wiemer Sjoerdsma from The Netherlands have become the political sponsors of #HamidGharehHasanlou.



I joined the “Feel My Pain Be My Voice” campaign today to be the voice of #HamidGharehasanlou
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