Hazhar Hamidi

Hazhar Hamidi

After the death of Mahsa (Jina) Amini by the morality police of Islamic republic, nationwide protests happened to condemn this brutality. The totalitarian regime of islamic republic unsurprisingly  opted for violence in reaction to these protests and arrested people in mass. 35 year old Hazhar is one of the arrested ones. For more than 20 days there was no news about his well being and whereabouts until just recently. The only available information about him is that Hazhar is charged with “waging war against God”. There is no explanation in his case on why he deserves such a heavy accusation, let alone evidence. This accusation is made during an unjust trial, where not only Hazhar did not have a lawyer, but also he was not present during the session. The given charge threatens the life of this young Kurdish man as it is punishable by death. Since Islamic republic tries to keep his case away from the public eyes, his life is in much more danger. At this moment, his location is also not known.

Barbara Neßler from Austria and Sören Pellmannhave from Germany have become the political sponsors of #HazharHamidi



I joined the “Feel My Pain Be My Voice” campaign today to be the voice of #HazharHamidi
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