Javad Rouhi

Javad Rouhi

Javad is a young man from Mazandaran, who cared about the death of an innocent girl (Mahsa Jina Amini) in the police custody of Islamic republic. He stood in solidarity with Mahsa’s family and participated in a peaceful nationwide protest. However, the Islamic republic could not peacefully hear people, but instead violently attacked them and arrested in mass. Javad is one of the innocent detainees whose life is now in imminent danger. Since his arrest in October, he could get in touch with his family only once and thereafter there is zero news about his well being and status. His family had been threatened to stay quiet. However, despite their silence, the Islamic republic mentally tortured his family by spreading fake news of his death. Right after, his parents decided to publish a video requesting help for their son and explaining that he is suffering from a mental disorder. Despite Javad’s mental condition, there is leaked information that he has been brutally tortured to write a forced confession against himself. The same writing has been used as the only evidence to take him to court trial, where he didn't have his lawyer of choice. False confession and no lawyer to defend Javad were enough to accuse him of heavy charges. The conclusion of his unjust trial is the charge of ''waging war against God” and unjustifiable sentence of execution. This 35 year old bright and caring man should not have perished like this. 

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