Mansour Dehmordeh

Mansour Dehmordeh

Mansour is another 22 years old victim of the Islamic republic. This young Baluch man has been providing for his family as a bus driver, despite his disability. Mansour was arrested and taken to jail during the nationwide protests that happened following the death of Mahsa (Jina) Amini in the custody of the morality police. For more than ten consecutive days, he was tortured and brutally beaten up, so much that his tooth and nose were broken. Apart from physically torturing him, he is banned from the basic right of imprisonment of having a phone call or visitors. His unjust court trials concluded with the accusation of “spreading corruption on Earth” and the final verdict of execution. But in his court files, there is not even a single document to justify this gravely charge. During his trial, he was told by the judge that whoever is not approving of Ali Khameneyi deserves to be executed. The family of this innocent young man has been informed by the attorney general office that his execution can happen anytime soon. Mansour’s life is in imminent danger.

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