Mehdi Mashayekhi

Mehdi Mashayekhi

Mehdi was kidnapped from his place and detained more than a month ago. There was no information about him until just recently that human right organizations published his name accused of alleged murder of paramilitary forces. Mehdi’s court trial was a hasty session during which he did not have his lawyer of choice. The entire case is hazy and vague, as if the judicial system of Islamic republic aims to keep everyone in the dark to file this case quickly and quietly. Mehdi is charged with “spreading corruption on Earth”, which could lead to the death penalty. He was not provided with basic legal rights and now his life is in grave danger.

Muhanad Al-Halak from Germany has become the political sponsor of #MehdiMashayekhi



I joined the “Feel My Pain Be My Voice” campaign today to be the voice of #MehdiMashayekhi
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