Reza Eslamdoost

Reza Eslamdoost

The security forces of Islamic republic raided Reza's place late at night. Reza is a 24 year old Kurdish man from Oshnavieh. They arrested Reza and took him to jail without an official court order. They also managed to prevent leakage of any information about his well being and status until just recently. All that is known about him is that Reza went through a hasty court trial. In his court session, he was accused of “waging war against God” and sentenced to death within only a few minutes. Right after, Reza was moved to an unknown place. It is all part of their plan to seize Reza by stealth and secretly execute him at any moment. His life is in danger.

Hadrien Ghomi from France and Adis Ahmetovic from Germany have become the political sponsor of #RezaEslamdoost




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