Reza Shaker Zavardehi

Reza Shaker Zavardehi
20 years old

Just this year, 20 year old Reza finished his military service for his beloved country. Right after his service, he decided to work hard. He needed to cover his little sister’s medical costs. She is sick and means the entire world to him, as much that he decided to dedicate his youth to her. The same kind soul of his could not rest after the death of Hadis Najafi. The 22 year old girl murdered by IR forces. That is why in solidarity with Hadis' family, he attended her 40th memorial day. Little Reza knew that his mere presence in this ceremony is going to unjustly cost him his life. Reza along with 14 other people are accused of killing an unofficial IR force. With this evidenceless accusation, he is charged with “spreading corruption on Earth''. He was even denied the choice of a lawyer to defend himself. His judicial file is filled with emptiness. No document is in this file than a forced confession, attained after many days of torture.




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