Sahand Noormohammadzadeh

Sahand Noormohammadzadeh
25 years old

Sahand is an average Joe with a great sense of humor. He works retail in Tiraje Plaza in the capital, and is passionate about sports and cars. He was arrested from his home on September 4 2022, with the accusation that he had set a public metal barrier on fire in a protest near his workplace. He says he just relocated the barrier out of concern for his new motorcycle as he was getting to work. A video clip showing him relocating the barrier has been used in his trial and he is charged with waging war against God and corruption on Earth, and sentenced to death. On his last phone call from the prison, he told his family that he has been tortured;  been kept in solitary confinement for 6 or 7 days (he is not sure about the length), been blind folded and ushered towards a step where they put a noose around his neck and deliberately and falsely made him  feel that he was going to be executed not only once but 3 times! He repeatedly was asked to write a confession and finally gave up and wrote their narration of his alleged crimes. Sahand is on a hunger strike since Dec 12th in protest to his charges, and has lost 52 pounds.  

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