Saleh Mirhashemi

Saleh Mirhashemi
36 years old

Recently married, 36-year-old Saleh is a national champion and karate coach in Isfahan who got arrested more than a month ago. The Islamic republic forces threatened his family to keep quiet and not publicize his arrest. They did so, as they were confident that Saheh's hands were clean from this wrongful accusation. Little they knew, this was a game played by the Islamic republic to buy some time. During this time, IR forces tortured Saleh and even threatened him with arrestting his sisters. They used all types of brutality to make him comply with what they asked for; writing and signing a forced confession.The Islamic republic forces made a falsified accusation of murdering a Basiji. Now, after more than 30 days, they solely relied on the forced confession and charged him with “waging war against God”. This accusation, which is punishable by death, was made in the absence of his lawyer of choice, in an utterly unjust trial.

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