Shahram Maroufmola

Shahram Maroufmola

Shahram is one of the tens of other 22 year old youth who are trapped in the clutches of ruthless law enforcement commanders. This Kurdish young man got arrested late November and since then he was not allowed a family visit. The only news received from him was about his hasty court session. Shahram’s court trial did not take longer than a few minutes. The result of this unfair trial was an unjust accusation, “waging war against God”. Shahram together with six other young men from Oshnavieh have gone through the same hasty process and already received their verdicts. They are all sentenced to death. Immediately after, Shahram and others were transferred to an unknown location. There is no information about the well-being of Shahram and he is feared to be at imminent risk of execution.

Kassem Taher Saleh from Germany has become the political sponsor of #ShahramMaroufmola




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