Shayan Charani

Shayan Charani

Shayan Charani, a young man from Karaj, was attending the 40th-day memorial of Hadis Najafi, a young woman killed by IR forces during protests, to pay his respect. That day, he was arrested along 14 other people, all accused of taking part in the death of an unofficial IR force in the ceremony. Shayan’s case ia vague, and he is accused of contributing to the death of the IR force “by some means, such as by blocking the road”. He was denied the choice of a lawyer and was charged with corruption on earth, meaning that he could face the death penalty.

Helge Lindh, SPD, has become the political sponsor of #ShayanCharani




I joined the “Feel My Pain Be My Voice” campaign today to be the voice of #ShayanCharani
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