Shoeib Mirbalouch Zehi Rigi

Sheib Mirbalouch Zehi Rigi

Shoaib Mirbalouch Zehi Rigi has just recently turned 18-year-old. He is a third grade high school student, who loves dancing and singing. This young Baluch man was forcefully arrested in the middle of the street, while he was on his way to buy medicine. He was taken to an unknown place and since then he has been constantly physically and psychologically tortured. Even though one month has passed since his detention, there are plenty of bruises and torture marks on his body. For no reason, he was forced to write a confession against himself, as if the Islamic Republic just wanted to get rid of another young happy soul. The same forced confession was used to accuse him of “spearing corruption on Earth”. No other document and evidence presented in his court trials to legitimize this accusation. His unjust court trial was held in the absence of his parental authority and lawyer of choice. Eventually, he got charged with exile and the death penalty. This verdict is given on 19th of December and he has only 20 days for an appeal before the sentence is carried out. Meanwhile, he is banned from any family visit or even a phone call. Currently, there is no information about his latest status and wellbeing. He is in immediate danger of execution.

Frieda Gijbels from Belgium and Dorothee Martin from Germany have become the political sponsors of #ShoeibMirBalouch.





I joined the “Feel My Pain Be My Voice” campaign today to be the voice of #ShoeibMirBalochZehiRigi
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