Soheil Jahangiri

Soheil Jahangiri

Soheil is a wrestling athlete, who was forcefully pulled out of his home in Isfahan and dragged to jail without an official court order. Soheil had to participate in his court trial without the presence of his lawyer of choice. His family does not even have access to the identity of the given public defender to follow his status. The latest news about Soheil is released by human rights organizations, informing that he is accused of “spreading corruption on Earth”. The hazy nature of the whole trial as well as the absence of evidence clearly is indicative of an unjust and unfair charge. This charge is punishable by death, which puts Soheil’s life in a grave and imminent danger of execution.

Marcel Hopp from Germany has become the political sponsor of #SoheilJahangiri.



I joined the “Feel My Pain Be My Voice” campaign today to be the voice of #SoheilJahangiri
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