Farzad & Farhad Tahazadeh

Farzad & Farhad Tahazadeh

Their tiny village is located close to Oshnavieh, at the most northern west part of the country, surrounded by high mountains which remain cool even at the height of summer. The region is one of Iran's landscape treasures, especially in spring when a million cherry trees bloom. Both brothers were born years after the city was bombarded by chemical bombs on 2 August 1988 during Iran-Iraq war. Farhad, 26 and newly wed, was arrested on Sep 25 when the protesters briefly took over the city during the #MahsaAmini protests. Farzad, 25 and a father of a 2 year old daughter was arrested  a few weeks later on Oct 20, 2022. The security forces raided his home from the roof at 5 am and arrested him in his bed, petrifying his young child and pregnant wife. Both brothers are family men that their community looks up to, active, loving  and passionate. And none of them has any criminal records. 

Their mother and aunt have released videos begging people to be the voice of their loved ones and help them get back to their families as they are longing to see them. Their mother says that Farzad has been tortured for almost a month. Their families do not have full information on their verdict. And there is multiple different news on their court process. They both have been charged with waging war against God and sentenced to death on Dec 6, 2022 according to human rights organizations. Islamic Republic authorities, however, have denied all these and claimed no sentence has been issued yet. Some sources announce that the regime has plans to execute them on Dec 14, 2022 which luckily turn out to be not accurate. Like many others Farzad and Farhad did not have access to a lawyer of their own choice and the lawyer that was assigned to them by the regime had given up on them in the very early stages of their trial according to their family. 

In an international campaign to save an Iranian protester from execution, Hakan Demir, a German parliamentarian from SPD, took their political sponsorship and wrote a letter to the regime ambassador to immediately cease their execution. Also, Sophie Taillé-Polian, French parliamentarian, has promised to do her best to save Tahazadehs’ lives.

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