Tohid Darvishi

Tohid Darvishi

Tohid is a loving father of two, who was living his honorable life as a driver. On october 15th, he had to pull off, as he ran out of gas. He went to the nearest gas station and came back to his car with a gallon of gas. It was at this moment that his fate changed in a glimpse of a second. The security forces of Islamic republic were ordered to arrest anyone on the street regardless of their business. Unfortunately, Tohid was one of the unlucky victims and he got violently arrested and detained in Tabriz central prison. According to Hengaw organization for human rights, Tohid has been under severe physical and mental torture since his arrest, and signed the forced confessions under torture according to his inmates. His case is extremely vague, and there are no clear charges for him. However, his family disrespectfully has been verbally informed that he is sentenced to death. At the same time, he is not entitled to any of the minimum rights of a defendant in criminal proceedings, including access to a lawyer, notification of the family, and medical treatment.

Leni Breymaier, member of German Bundestag, has become the political sponsor of #Tohid_Darvishi 



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