Jina  Mahsa  Amini
Death Anniversary


In the name of Mahsa Jina Amini who has become the symbol of freedom 

A year has gone by [Farsi]

A year has passed since the tragic murder of Mahsa/Jina Amini at the hands of Iran's oppressive morality police. This year witnessed the unjust loss of innocent lives like Nika, Sarina, Kian, Mehrshad, Khodanour, and many more who were killed merely for expressing their yearning for freedom. Thousands endured imprisonment and brutal torture, coerced into false confessions and sentenced to death on baseless charges. We must not forget the late Javad Rouhi, who’s unjust trial followed by torture, ended in his murder within the prison walls. 

This past year saw the tragic loss of lives like Mohammad Mehdi Karami, Seyed Mohammad Hosseini, Mohsen Shekari, Majid Reza Rahnavard, Majid Kazemi, Saleh Mirhashemi, and Saeed Yaghoubi who courageously upheld their convictions and met untimely, brutal, and inhumane deaths through unjust death sentences. Many others remain at risk. Under this regime's oppressive disguise, we have also witnessed its fear of activists like Toomaj Salehi and Sepideh Gholian, who keep the flame of revolution burning. 

The heinous crimes against humanity committed by this oppressive regime do not come to an end here. Deliberately blinding individuals through eye-targeted shootings, inflicting violence upon women by shooting at their genitalia during peaceful demonstrations, employing assault weaponry in the Kurdistan and Baluchestan regions to brutally silence peaceful protests, and perpetrating mass atrocities against ethnic groups serve as just a glimpse into the ruthless crimes that the barbaric regime commits in order to instill fear among those who demand freedom and justice. 

This cruel regime has shown no shame in perpetrating its crimes even within the realms of academia by invading schools and exposing young schoolgirls to chemical attacks, intruding into universities, mass arresting students or imposing disciplinary sanctions, suspending scholars, and firing professors who dare to raise their voices against corruption and cruelty. It has implemented a series of stringent disciplinary regulations in universities to further open the hands of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). All of these actions are against the fundamental principles of human rights, education, and intellectual freedom.

As we approach the 16th of September, the regime has intensified its arrests and has apprehended individuals who have suffered the loss of their loved ones during the last year's protests in an attempt to stifle any potential resurgence. In response, Iranians are more united. We are witnessing the unwavering resilience of our women, who bravely defy suppression and oppression by refusing to abide by the rules of compulsory hijab. We are witnessing how the strong solidarity among scholars, leads them to provide mutual support. 

In solidarity, we, the Iranian scholars and human rights activists in “Iranian Scholar for Liberty (ISL)”, “International Community of Iranian Academics (ICOIA)”, and “We Are Iranian Students (WAIS)”, declare our unyielding commitment to the pursuit of freedom. We stand together and demand for democracy in Iran, for liberty so everyone can make their own choices, for our people's right to speak their truths, for the protection and preservation of Iran's natural environment, and for the obliteration of discrimination and injustice in all forms. We will continue to amplify Iranians' cry for change and will always remember the sacrifices endured in our fight to freedom.

Woman, Life, Freedom