In Solidarity with the Victims of the Ukrainian Flight PS752 ...
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Three years ago on January 8th 2020, 177 innocent lives were cut short when the Islamic Regime ferociously used two missiles to shoot down the Ukrainian passenger flight PS752 only three minutes after takeoff from Tehran's IKA airport. Among the passengers were many Iranian students studying abroad, as well as permanent residents of Iran, Canada, Ukraine, the UK, Afghanistan and Sweden. Any aviation accident is a tragic event, but what happened to our friends on that early morning affected many Iranians living near and far from their loved ones. As such, feelings of fear, frustration and despair have become part of our daily lives.


Today, despite the release of the Islamic Regime's final safety investigation report stating that PS752 was shot down because an air defense unit mistook the B737 aircraft as a threat, we remain deeply distressed about the lack of transparency, convincing reasoning and evidence. Despite all the information in their hands, the regime’s judiciary refuses to identify the criminals and has simply wasted time for the past three years. Moreover, the absence of an independent international investigation only serves to further reinforce the belief that the shooting of the plane was intentional and carried out as a way to distract from and avoid conflict in the region.

In the wake of the PS752 crime and other unjust actions of the regime, including the sham trials that have taken place over the past 44 years, we hold the regime liable in accordance with international law. The liability extends to the regime’s courts, which sentence innocent beings to the harshest of punishments, such as the death penalty for waging war against God. All Iranians, who have been affected by the regime’s violations of international law, stand in solidarity with the victims and their families. And we, the Iranian Scholars for Liberty, call on the international community to hold the regime accountable and seek retribution for their unacceptable pattern of gross and systematic human rights violations and brutal murders.  

As we write this statement, the families and friends of the victims are still grieving. We share in their mourning and stand with all those defending human rights at home and abroad. The senseless loss of lives due to the regime’s vicious acts will never be forgotten nor forgiven, and we reaffirm our commitment to amplifying the voice of the brave people of Iran and supporting all the victims through this agonizing and tragic time.

Jin Jian Azadi

Zan Zendegi Azadi

Woman Life Freedom